I am a self-taught watercolour artist creating paintings to showcase the endless beauty and diversity found in the Pacific Ocean.
Based in Newcastle, I strive to present the amazing marine life found on the East Coast of New South Wales.


The Importance of Our Marine Environment

The ocean is fundamental in our creation, evolution, and survival. This is clearly evident in our embryonic development as humans still present gill-slit structures in the early stages of development.
Ocean plankton provides more than half of the Earths oxygen.
The ocean covers more than 70% of the Earths surface, contributing to around 97% of the total water supply found on the planet. 
Globally, over three billion people depend upon the ocean and coastal ecosystems for their livelihoods, and approximately two thirds of the global population live within 500 kilometres of the ocean. 

From the Artist

Being an environmental scientist who specialises in marine science, it is my passion to share the wonders of the ocean with the greater public.  
From a young child holidaying along the East Coast of New South Wales, I have always been in awe and amazement at the alluring complexity of the ocean. I now participate in recreational SCUBA diving with the privilege of very encounter further immersing myself into its peaceful serenity, amplifying my profound love to explore its endless, invigorating wonders.
My aim is to raise awareness of the beauty and diversity that is found in our oceans.
Alexandra Cottle.

The Artworks

With years of experience, I have an extensive portfolio of watercolour artworks to give you inspiration to gain a deeper understanding and interest in the marine environment.

Scientific Identifications

Realistic Depictions

Highest Quality

Crafted with Care

Help Raise Awareness

With 95% of the global marine environment still remaining unexplored, my objective is to increase the public's understanding and interest in the amazing marine environment on our doorstep. 
This is very important as we protect what we love, and without an interest in such a critical environment, we are running the risk of not providing it the care and attention it deserves. 
With each purchase you are aiding in the movement to increase the conversation around such an astounding and fundamental ecosystem.

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